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he voted against the proposal he now seems to be singing its praises. why did they always vote no? why did mitt romney say at his debates he would not support them? for a simple reason. because each one of them raised slightly the taxes on millionaires. they have rejected every single proposal if it contains $1, 1 cent in that is the truth. romney and ryan, they believe we are in a global economy. we are in a global economy. it does not matter much where american companies put their money or where they create jobs. governor romney, after running
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bain -- they were a pioneer in outsourcing. that is not bad if you are running a company like that. your job is to make money for your investors. it is a different job than president. in addition to that, what is governor romney calling for? he has called for a territorial tax. that means that any company that picks up our starts off in china or anywhere in the world, the only half -- have to pay taxes in that country and not one single penny in american taxes. let me show you what that means. if we have that territorial
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tax, it will create 800,000 jobs, all of them in china, indonesia -- all of them abroad. so, folks, we are doing everything in our power to give incentives to companies to come home and stay home, not to create incentives for them to go abroad. [applause] one of the most fascinating statements governor romney made in his acceptance speech -- here is what he said -- one of the first things he would do as president, he would take a job store. with all of his tax policies, it will have to be a foreign trip. [cheers and applause]
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he will have to go abroad for his job is to work. president obama and governor romney have a different hue view as to the -- view as to how jobs are created. keeping jobs in america, really just to america -- that is the job of the american president. jobs in america. that is the job. [cheers and applause] as i look over at some of the people who are my age on my right now of the women -- on my right -- none of the women, but some of you guys. isn't it interesting how they talk about the overarching cost of medicare.
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you would think that that when the team reached congress was there, they did not want to cut it. it is amazing. i am so impressed. they expect the american public to believe it is the democrats. they are the ones who want to cut your medicare. they said we put medicare in danger, we cut medicare for seniors. any of you on medicare today, your grandmother, your grandfather, colon cancer ask them. medicare benefits have actually increased since the president acted. [cheers and applause]
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people on medicare today are paying $700 a year less in prescription drugs. they can get colonoscopies, press screenings -- they have gotten-- breast screenings. they have gotten more benefits under president obama. president obama has increased the solvency of the trust fund to be your 2024. in case you have not noticed, -- trust fund to be year 2024. our budget has been endorsed by the ama and the aarp, not known to be against medicare. as my brother jimmy would say, "go figure."
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who are you going to believe? it is not be misleading things they tell you about us and medicare that bothers me most. it is the things they do not tell you about the things that have been laid out in stark relief and have been voted on in the republican congress. what they don't tell you is that plan would immediately cut those benefits so that so he million people on medicare right now are eliminated. they pay $700 more in prescription drugs and the well less -- wellness exam would go away. what they do not tell you is that what they are proposing would not extend the life of medicare. it would put the trust fund in jeopardy and in the year 2016, we would be out of money.
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that is the fact. the most important thing they have not told you, ladies and gentleman, they are not for medicare. they are for a plan called voucher. they are about creating a culture. i love when the congressman says, no one on medicare will suffer any damage. first of all, they will. the second thing is, this is going to happen down the road, tenures from now. that is when the vouchers kick in. let me explain to you what you already know. let's make it clear. a voucher is a coupon that you are going to get, that your mom and your dad will get. you can take this coupon worth x amount of dollars, use it in
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the marketplace and that solves everything. you walk into the marketplace and you compete for the best insurance policy you can get. by the way, if you want to buy back into medicare, you can do that, too. you get a number, a dollar amount. you are going to compete. ladies and gentlemen, the first plan that was passed by the house republicans that congressman ryan wrote, the cbo, which always loved to quote, said that plan will cost seniors and additional $6,400 a year more. there was a new study. they changed the plan again slightly. there is a new study out of harvard by a harvard professor.
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the professor pointed out that if you are 48 years old now, you can expect to pay $125,000 a year more when you are eligible for medicare for the same medicare your grandparents are getting now. if you are 54 years of age, in 10 years, you will be paying $60,000 more than the medicaid -- medicare your parents get today. going on medicare at that moment, you will pay $11,000 more for the same health care you get today. folks, rounding may live in a different neighborhood. in the neighborhood i come from, that is a lot of money. that affects your standard of living. [cheers and applause] that affects the quality of your
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health care. that affects your life. there is a lot more about the romney-ryan budget. i can tell you about the ridiculous proposals if there were more time. in my view, unfair proposals they have to change social security. they have a new plan. you are going to get thousands of dollars less under the social security then you would ban people on social security today. i can tell you about what they are doing. the massive cuts in medicaid. they took 19 million people off of medicaid. 70% of all seniors who are in a nursing home, are there only because of the availability of medicare and medicaid. they are moms and dads.
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they are middle-class people who have paid into medicare their whole lives. we are not talking but the abject poor. we are talking about middle class americans. where will they go? for those 30% who have no 1 inch no place to go, what will happen? -- who have no one can no place to go, what will happen? why do they do these things and the things i have not mention in their budget? they have no choice, based on their economic theory and their idea of what constitutes a tax policy that is clear and that will grow the economy. if i have time, i will go into great detail. i will give you a couple of examples. they propose extending and adding another $2 trillion in
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tax cuts over the next 10 years for the wealthiest among us. let me give you an example. let me -- it is really important to put this in context. extending the so-called bush tax cuts for the top 2% -- these are good americans. i come from delaware. the wealthy people i know are as patriotic as anyone. they are not asking for this and they clearly do not need it. of the trillion dollars extending the tax cut costs, a hundred dollars billion goes to people with a minimum income of $1 million a year. $500 billion, a half trillion
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dollars goes to 120,000 families. 120,000 families. by extending just that tax cut. now the new trillion dollar tax cut offered by romney and rhine and will give a 250 -- romney and ryan will give an additional tax cut to those 120,000 families and anyone who makes $1 million or more. i will state the obvious, not just what it could do to reduce the deficit, not what it could do to meet the essential needs of education. folks, is to pace for?
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you? there is -- folks, guess who pays for it? you. there is a nonpartisan organization, here is what they concluded. tax policyf romney's succeeds, it will mean a tax increase for every middle-class family with a child, $2,000 a year more to justify that tax cut. as i said, these wealthy people are good people. they do not need it. they have that asks for it. it will not change their standard of living one iota. if it is not continued. but it will yours.
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[applause] folks, have seen this movie before. we know how it ends. an italy's in a catastrophe for the middle class and the great -- it ends in a catastrophe for the middle-class and the great recession. our plan focuses first on education. 100,000 new science and math teachers in the next three years. 2 million workers learning new skills for the new economy through their community colonists. -- community colleges. cut oil imports in half by 2020. invest in new energy, wind and solar. create 600,000 jobs using new
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technology to get jobs out of the ground. level the playing field so the world can buy what they want. products stamped "made in america." [cheers and applause] cut the deficit by $4 trillion. end the war in afghanistan as we did in iraq. in a responsible way. [cheers and applause] and come home and invest in our roads, our schools, rebuild our country. ladies and gentleman, that alone will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs repairing the damage to infrastructure in this country. it is simple. on like this new republican party -- and i do not use the
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phrase "new" lightly -- this is not your father's republican party. this is not even mitt romney's father's republican party. we see a future with the rich and the poor do their part in have a part. where my granddaughter's have ies andct same opportunit rights as my grandson's, where women can control their own destiny and there is no longer any debate about the violence against women act. where we are once again no. 1 in the world in college -- number one in the world in college graduates, where we promote the
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private sector, not the privilege -- privileged sector. we see a future where america lease not by the example of our power, but by the power -- leads not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. where we've remain committed to the only sacred obligation we have. -- we remain committed to the only sacred obligation we have. we have many publications, but there is only one sacred obligation. that is that we care for those who go to war when they come home. that is a sacred obligation. [cheers and applause] how many of you in this auditorium, like me, have a son
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or a daughter or a neighbor or a friend or a brother or sister who has been deployed to iran or iraq. raise your hands. we owe them. we all of them -- we owe them and their families an incredible debt of gratitude. [applause] they also serve who only stand and wait. i used to walk in all morning when my son was in iraq and she was standing like she always does putting sugar in her coffee in the kitchen. she was mouthing the same prayer. those of you have a son or daughter or husband or wife or child, you know there is not an hour that goes by three the day
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where you do not feel the sense of, "are they ok?" we owe a particular day to the families of those we call goldstar mothers and fathers. i checked every single day -- i check every single day, the casualties. people say, what are you so fixated on citing the exact number of those we lost? because every single life, every single life is important. and it is the only life for their families. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, we owe an enormous debt to the families
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of the 6475 -- what we refer to as those in the field, our military personnel, when they load a coffin to send it home. they say, fallen angel. ladies and gentlemen, these are heroes. 49,795 wounded. literally, thousands upon thousands of them critically wounded. they will require, for the rest of their lives, expensive and consequential care. in order to be ok. ladies and gentlemen, i know you
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know we must never, ever forgets their sacrifice and always keep them -- ever forget their sacrifice and always keep them in our prayers. [applause] i do not know how we can talk about the future without understanding the price that has been paid already by not remembering. we still have 90,000 warriors -- 90,000 combat troops. you can count with me the multiple times i have been there. it is the most incredible, god- awful landscape. it is like a moonscape.
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they are in our prayers. in this country, all of you have been through an awful lot in the last four years. throughout our history, americans have not lost faith. you have fought back. you did not give up. you know as well as i do, there is no "quit" in america. i hear romney-ryan and the new republican party talking about this culture of dependency. it is a new phrase that you have heard a lot about. this culture of dependency. this notion that america is in decline. i do not recognize the america they are talking about.
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it is not the country i live in. they are wrong. america is coming back. we are going forward. i have news for governor romney. i have news for congressman ryan. gentlemen, it has never been a good bet to bet against the american people. never. [cheers and applause] folks, what america needs today as much as any time in our history is a president with a steady hand and the judgment and vision to see us through. we have that president and we are going to keep him. president barack obama. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> did you see the child to report this morning? 95,000 new jobs created an almost 400,000 people dropped out of the work force. it is simply unimaginable. >> after losing 800,000 jobs a month after we took office -- before i took office, we have added jobs for the 30th month in a row. >> watch c-span as the presidential campaign moves toward the october dbase. the first debate will be wednesday, october 3 in denver. and then there will be a town
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hall format. foreign policy will be the focus of the final debate. the vice president of candidates debate thursday, october 11. we will cover key house and senate races. follow our coverage on c-span radio and online at >> in three weeks, the first of the presidential debates on c- span, c-span radio, and c- this morning, republican presidential candidate, mitt rally in virginia. then "washington journal."
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the family research council holds its value voters summit this weekend. michele bachmann and house majority leader eric cantor will speak. it will be aired on c-span 2 and >> people like to see where politicians' views have shifted over the years. and like to see how mitt romney was campaigning against welfare reform and against abortion. i think people really like to see how these politicians have devolved. there is an element that is a gotcha elements. there is also an element that this is incredibly interesting.
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>> i tried to think why he has changed so often and why he finds it so difficult to come down on one side of an issue. >> there is a governor named ron the lloyd h.. -- rod blagojevich. >> more with the buzzfeed "q & a."on c-span's >> mitt romney criticized president obama for his economic policy. he also talked about the recent deaths of four americans in
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libya. this is about 25 minutes. ["i was born free" plays] >> thank you so very much. my goodness. what a northern virginia welcome. thank you. [cheers and applause] and karen, if i am the next president of the united states, we will have to get you a job. a lot of other veterans, too.
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our veterans are not going to have a job when they come home. we have to get this economy working for our veterans. you guys are fabulous. near the virginia can determine who the next president's -- northern virginia can determine who the next president is. i hope you make that decision to get me elected. [crowd chants "mitt"] >> you guys are the best. i am excited about our future. we have heavy hearts across america today. i want you to know things are going to get better. right now, we are in mourning. we have lost four of of our diplomats across the world. we are thinking about their
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families and those they left behind. what a tragedy to lose such wonderful people have been so wonderful. we appreciate their service to the country. [crowd chants "usa"] >> i would call for a moment of silence, but one gentleman does not want to be silent. we are going to keep going. let me talk about something else. we saw the headlines in usa today. they said the median income in america has dropped by $4,300 per family. there are 23 million people who are out of work who have -- out of work or who have stopped looking for work. these are tough times. america is coming back.
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we are going to make sure we have the jobs we need. we are point to make sure we remain the whole of the earth. [cheers and applause] a strong america is essential to the world. it is essential to us and to our future. i was in poland a few weeks ago. i met with let was less of -- lech walska. he said, you said, i talk, you listen. abrupt end to the point. he said this time and time again. he said, the world needs american leadership. where is american leadership. we need a strong america. i intend to leave and have an america that is strong and helpfully the world. [cheers and applause] as we watch the world today, it
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seems we are at the mercy of events in stead events shape-- instead of shaping -- at the mercy of events instead of shaping events. we have to have a military second to none that is so strong that no one would think of testing it. this president has done something i find hard to understand. ever since fdr, we have had the capacity to be involved in two conflicts at one time. he has cut the military. with his budget cuts, we will have almost $1 trillion in cuts to the military. if i am president of the united states, we will restore our military and keep america the strongest military in the world. the world needs american leadership. i intend to be a president that
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provides the leadership people have admired throughout the world. [cheers and applause] for us to have a strong military, you have to have a strong economy. people have to be able to get good jobs. our veterans coming home deserves good jobs. i would expect that with 23 million americans out of work or who have stopped looking for work, i would expect that when the president addressed the convention a few weeks ago, he would talk about the unemployed, but he did not. we have watched him for the last four years. what he has done has not helped. it has led to unemployment being above a% for 43 straight months -- 8% for 43 straight months. his policies have not worked.
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how can he go before the democratic convention and stick to the nation and offer more of the same is beyond -- and speak to the nation and offer more of the same is beyond me. i am going to help america. i looked at the text of his speech. he is out of ideas. we are going to make sure in november you put him out of office. [cheers and applause] there are five things in my plan that will get america working again and keep us so strong we will have a military that is second to none in the world. let me tell you what those five things are. you may have heard them before, but you have to memorize them. i am kidding. number 1, we have an ace in the
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hole. we have a lot of energy. i will take advantage of our oil, our coal, our nuclear. america will be energy independence within 8 years. [cheers and applause] let me tell you how i do that, by the way. this is not just a dream. this you can do. the president has cut in half permiting and licensing for drilling in federal waters. the president has said no to drilling in anwar. i will open up anwar. i want to make sure we use our natural gas. we have massive resources of natural gas. we want to get it to be places
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that can use it, not just to heat our homes and power our factories, but also as a transportation fuel. i will make sure we get the pipeline from canada and get oil here that we need and can use. [cheers and applause] number 1, we are going to take advantage of our energy. that is going to create millions of jobs, not just in the energy sector, but also in manufacturing and other places that use energy. that will help us create jobs. number 2, we are going to make trade work for america. we are going to expand our reach in other parts of the world. i want to make sure our goods can go to other parts of the world. if a nation sheets like china has cheese, we will call them on the -- cheats like china has cheated, call them on the carpet
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and not let it continue. cheating continues in a lot of different dimensions. when china manipulates the currency by holding down the value of their currency compared to ours, it makes their products in this country artificially cheap. that drives american producers out of business and kills jobs. the president has had the chance to label china a currency manipulator, but he has not done so. i will labelled china's the currency manipulation they are on the first day -- i will label china the currency manipulator they are on the first day. let me tell you what else they do. they steal our technology.
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they steal our know-how. review know they have an apple store it? it is a fake apple store. -- did you know they have an fake apple sstore? -- store? number 1 is energy. number 2 is trade and number three is education. i want to make sure we put our kids and the teachers and the parents first and we put the unions behind. [cheers and applause] number 4, we are not going to
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have entrepreneurs go out and start a smart business or big businesses start to build businesses in america if they think we are heading to the road of greece. it is essential for us tout back on the size of the federal government and live within our means. i will get america on track to a balanced budget. it is essential to getting the job growth we need. [cheers and applause] one more -- let me mention. we need to champion small business. we need small business to feel that this is the place to grow and expand. small business has been crushed in these last three and a half years. we are at a 30 year low in business start-ups in america. 2/3 of the jobs created in this country are created by small businesses. the president was to raise taxes
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on them. i want to keep taxes down. regulations, big companies can deal with. small companies are crushed by regulations. we have to take off the big cloud that is schering businesses from hiring. we have to repeal obamacare and replace -- scaring businesses from hiring. we have to repeal obamacare and place it -- replace it with something that keeps health care costs down. if we do those five things, we are going to create 12 million jobs in the next four years. we will see rising wages again because there will be competition to try to hire people. that is what drives wages up. i want higher wages and more take-home pay for the american people. i do not want people being crushed by higher taxes and lower wages and lower take-home
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pay. will work.ent it i does -- i did not just studied the economy in school. i worked in the economy. i have also had the chance during this campaign to go across america and meet entrepreneurs and innovators. the spirit of america is very much there. if we have a government the recognizes by lifting individuals and celebrating success in america, we will have more of it. we will see this economy come roaring back. we do not need more government. we need more entrepreneurs and innovators and freedom for the american people. i just have to tell you a couple of stories. i had a chance to meet a one an entrepreneur. i have met a lot of them. -- woman entrepreneur.
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i asked her how she got her business started. she said her husband lost his job. she was better ad business and she hired her husband after first employee. she hired 39 more people as an upholsterer -- as upholsterers. that is what drives the american academy. i met a guy in southern illinois who graduated second in his high school class. he concluded that college was not likely to be part of his future. he went to his data and said, can you loan me some money. -- he went to his dad and said, can you loan me some money? they worked out a deal and he bought a hamburger grill and a
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roller that makes hotdogs. by the time he added up the cost, it was more than the money he had. he concluded that the only thing he could make with the money that he had was sandwiches. he set up tables in the garage and started making sandwiches. -- jimmyy jo9hn's johns employs 6000 americans. i love the american entrepreneurship. it will put people back to work and cause wages and take-home pay to work -- take-home pay to come back. when the president said that in roanoke, i could not believe it. he got up there and said, if you have a business, you did not build it.
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he sd, you are taking me out of context. the context is worse than the quote. he said, if you are successful, you may think it is because you are smart. there are a lot of smart people. if you are hard-working, there are a lot of hard-working people. america celebrates and relishes people who improve their lives and take risks and work hard and start businesses. that is what will get america going, not big government. we want more entrepreneur ship --more entrepreneur -- more entrepreneurship, not more government. when the founders of this nation wrote the declaration of independence, they chose their words with care. their vision of america was different from anything else the
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world had seen. they said our rights came not from government or the king, but our rise came from god. [cheers and applause] that was the first observation. they said, among those rights were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. in this country, we would be free to pursue happiness as we choose. the government would not tell us how to live our lives or what kind of business we could be in or not be in a what we could charge for a product we made. we, as three people, would pursue happiness as we choose. that idea of free people, each going in their own direction not being guided by a government, would create the most powerful economy in the history of the earth. if you want to get america growing again, we have to restore that principle. we have to recognize life, liberty, and the right to
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pursue happiness. it is time for us to pursue the freedoms of america to get america working again. [cheers and applause] this is important. this race is important. i agree with the president. this is a watershed race. this is a critical choice. is america going to become more and more like the vision of president obama with a bigger and bigger government? if we keep going down the path we are on, you are going to see losses from unemployment, no way to growth, the gap between the wealthiest and everybody else become larger. that is the path he has put us on. he will also see fiscal crises at the doorstep like europe is in. the path i propose will restore america's greatness.
6:51 am
we are strong abroad. we are strong here. america is coming back. [cheers and applause] this is the day we have to come together and locked arms. we have to win this. find someone who vote for barack obama and give him on our team. we are going to bring back the hope of america. thank you and less -- let's win this one. ♪
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>> >> and did you see the jobs report this morning? almost 400,000 people dropped out of the work force altogether. it is simply unimaginable. >> today we learned that after losing a hundred thousand jobs a month after we took office, we have added jobs for the 30th month in a row. >> watch engage with c-span as the president campaigns move toward the presidential debate. domestic policy and jobs will be the topic of the first 90 minutes debate. on tuesday, october 16, they take questions from the
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audience. foreign policy will be focused on the -- of the final debate. watch the vice presidential candidates' debate in danville, kentucky. we will cover key house and senate races, looking at the control of congress. follow our coverage on c-span radial and live on cease -- on >> speakers at the values voter summit will be shown at 8:40 a.m. eastern. coming up live, our call in program, "washington journal." and live at 9:00 a.m. eastern, th
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